Having performed many successful press and publishing services for Turkish transport and logistics sector up to now, Aysberg Press and Publishing Ltd. Co. has issued INTERMODAL Magazine, periodical publication in English about Combined Transport and Logistics Systems.
This magazine claims to be the one among the others.
Why Intermodal?... Why in English?
INTERMODAL Combined Transport and Logistics Systems Magazine is a fruit of the inevitable rising trend of combining road transport with the other modalities in order to solve the growing environmental, economic and safety problems. Moreover the specific need for a prestigious international magazine, which gives direct information from a unique point of view about the Turkish transport sector to the international authorities who are interested in this attractive market as well as the foreign executives working in Turkey, led us to publish merely in English.

This original magazine is the shop window of the Turkish transport market. It includes the latest news about the improvements, special files, company profiles, researches and statistics focusing intensively on the intermodal transport activities and transportation in Turkey.


INTERMODAL Magazine is distributed to 3,000 selected decision makers in Turkey, Europe, Middle East and CIS countries. It is printed on coated paper with the dimensions of 19x26 cm. The target market of INTERMODAL Magazine includes road, sea, air and railway transport operators and logistics companies as well as port authorities and shipyards; transport, logistics and intermodal associations; chambers of commerce; manufacturers and suppliers operating in transportation sector.

Apart from Turkey, INTERMODAL Magazine is distributed to 3.000 selected decision makers in 27 countries in Europe, Middle East and CIS countries. Moreover its digital version reaches over 25.000 readers from all around the world. I.M. is supported by European commission and European Intermodal Association and keeps very close relations with UIRR and IRU. There is also very active distribution of the magazine during the most important international transport logistics events.

The Origin of Strength
INTERMODAL Magazine is a publication of Aysberg Press Group, which has performed numerous successful press and publishing services for Turkish transport and logistics sectors through periodicals, books, internet television and agency services with an experience of more than 15 years.Aysberg Press and Publishing Ltd. Co. providing the following services and products.

  • Periodicals
  • Maps
  • Calendars
  • Sectoral Internet TV
  • Promotion products
  • Advertisement designing
  • Media consultancy
  • Copywriting
  • Photo shooting
  • Corporate identity services
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